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A Green-Eyed Devil

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

Dante's Grill, where the souled meet the unsouled over coffee and ribs. Dante's Grill, where you find yourself seated at the bar next to a striking devil in evening dress of unfamiliar cut. His eyes are mossy green: his teeth are an unnervingly brilliant white. His smile is oddly shy. "Penny for your soul?" he asks. He corrects himself. "Thoughts! That said, if you're offering - "

char count:383

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Game Instructions: The Devil is Watchful, Shadowy and Dreaded.

Unlocked with Connected: Hell 3, Masquing 100



"I'm not drunk," he slurs. "Devils don't get drunk. We just pretend to get drunk, so you'll let your guard down. Just for a moment. That's all it takes. A moment's inattention, and - gotcha!" He clasps your wrist with a taloned hand. His skin is hot as a tin candle-holder. "We pretend to be drunk, we pretend to be lonely. We pretend to like art. All so you'll let us in."

He leans closer. "How'm I doing?"

char count:412

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