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From: The Advocate of Illumination

You are hungry. You've always been hungry.

Unlocked with Well Well is one of:

  • There's already nothing left of her
  • There's already nothing left of me
  • We're not even here


"Two bowls?"

..."I'll teach you the Knock. It's not complicated, but opening the Gate will be the hardest thing you ever do. But then it'll be over. Listen carefully." He taps out the rhythms. Seven times seven. Seven times seven -

  • Appallingsecretsmall You've gained 1 x Seeking Mr Eaten's Name
  • Sidebarwoundssmall Wounds is increasing… (+2-3 CP)
  • Wellsmall (increases Well by +10, to be - based on the previous value - one of:)
    • There's nothing left of her, but I will knock
    • There's nothing left of me, but I will knock
    • We're not even here, but I will knock