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From: The Hallowmas Edition 1894

It trembles its triangle impatiently.

Unlocked with Rubberycampanologist 1 x Rubbery Campanologist

Locked with Princess2 1 x The Captivating Princess' Confession, Bandagedman 1 x Feducci's Confession, Mercy 1 x Lettice's Confession, Princess 1 x The Kashmiri Princess' Confession, Bohogirl3 1 x The Soft-Hearted Widow's Confession, Chap5 1 x The Illuminated Gentleman's Confession, Electionjenny 1 x Sinning Jenny's Confession


A harsh audience

Mr Huffam listens politely. He finishes his tea. His cup rings out as it's firmly placed on the saucer. "Will you," he says gravely, "make it stop?"

  • Newspapersmall An occurrence! Your 'The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1894 - Quality is now 9 - 'RUBBERY MENACE THREATENS SOCIETY WITH TINTINABULATION. LONDONER RESPONSIBLE.' The headline is unkind, the illustration highly flattering!
  • Paperstacksmall You've gained 1 x Sworn Statement
  • Sidebarmakingwavessmall Making Waves is increasing… (+25 CP)