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From: Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter

Your uneasy allies await you in a refurbished caravanserai at the Quarter's edge. "We'll need an Eyeless Skull for the first step," he says. "They turn up across the Quarter. I think"—he hesitates delicately—"there is a connection with the Nadir."[…]

[Find the rest of the story at]

Unlocked with Toolbox 60 x Crate of Expedition Supplies, Nadirgate Route: the Cave of the Nadir 1, Papers4 Archaeologist 5

Locked with Skulleyeless Eyeless Skull

When Sent


Will they help you?

Your friend will receive:

Skulleyelesssmall have in your possession one of the so-called blind skulls of the Quarter. May I request it of you? I would not ask, were my need not dire...

Once Accepted

[Friend] has sent you an Eyeless Skull. Beware. Its influence is malign.

Your friend will receive:

You have sent [Friend] an Eyeless Skull. Be glad you're rid of the awful thing.

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