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From: The Chapel of Lights

The great bell tolls. None shall attend but you alone. (Well; not exactly.). "Speak the words," the Priest suggests.

Unlocked with Candlewhite St Fortigan's Candle, Well Well is one of:

  • There's nothing left of her, but I have my Question
  • There's nothing left of me, but I have my Question
  • We're not even here, but I have my Question
  • I will open the Gate
  • We will open the Gate
  • Will we open the Gate?
  • stars

    Locked with Candleeye St Gawain's Candle, Skull Your Own Severed Head


The words are second nature now

"Now we have the wax, which is the streak beneath our skin, and the wick, which is the faith we have skeined, and the tinder, which is the harm we have done to those who loved us, and the flint, which is the more scar, what is that?"...

Player summary:
Recite the words. One more candle.

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