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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: The Chapel of Lights

Action Cost: 7

The great bell tolls. The few and ragged faithful gather for St Beau's Lesson. You need bring no offering but yourself.

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Unlocked with Demetergreen St Beau's Candle, Jungle orange Footsteps of the False Saints exactly 1


"My favourite lesson!" the Smiling Priest exclaims happily

[…] The Priest speaks of souls as fish in an unclouded ocean. […] "I will set the hook in your lip," he recites, and the mouths of all the congregation open. […] At the very back of the chapel, something eyeless moves, restlessly. […]

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Jungle orangesmall An occurrence! Your 'Footsteps of the False Saints' Quality is now 2 - The Hook!

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