On your way to becoming a person of importance

Unlocked withEdit


1. Who is she?
2. Tea with the Ambitious Barrister
3. A Stroll around the Hill
4. A wander through Veilgarden
5. A tour of Spite
6. A walk down Ladybones Road

Cards Unlocked with A Person of Some Little Consequence 7

8. Sufficient Importance (storylet lodgings; used to be "Sufficient Notability")
9. A most interesting briefcase (storylet lodgings)
10. A Morning for Business (storylet Bazaar Side-streets)
11. Acquiring a Velocipede (storylet Bazaar Side-streets)
12. Are we done? (storylet Bazaar Side-streets)


  1. An Ally Visits your Lodgings!
  2. An Ally Visits your Lodgings!
  3. Prowling Watchmaker's Hill!
  4. Carousing in Veilgarden!
  5. In the Shadows of Spite!
  6. The Secrets of Ladybones Road!
  7. The Trappings of Importance!
  8. A Conversation in your Rooms!
  9. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  10. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  11. The Coils of the Bazaar!
  12. The Coils of the Bazaar!

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