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Wiki Note: For most factions, the Connected quality has been retired

The entire faction connections system is being overhauled (one by one). The game is moving from a single Connection quality per faction into the dual qualities of Favours and Renown. See Raising Favours.

More details here: [1]


Connections are the relationships to the many factions of Fallen London, which are affected by storyline opportunities. Related and similar but in contrast to connections is Social Influence, which is the relationsship to other players of Fallen London.

  • Each action may increase/decrease your level to certain connections, whilst other actions are only available with a certain amount of connection.
  • Individual Opportunity Cards (Faction Cards) need to be drawn to get Closest To (or break) with a certain faction or to pick a Profession.
  • On a connection of 15+ (mostly) it's possible to take some advantage of it by Calling in Favours (Guide).
  • Connection Items, Mrs Plenty's Carnival and Conflict Cards may be used to influence connections.
  • Refer to Raising Connections for detailed ways to increase specific connections.

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