These cards only appear in a certain area. You'll have to draw cards in their respective areas if you want them to appear.

Bazaarsmall Bazaar Side-streetsEdit

Ladybonessmall Ladybones RoadEdit

Lodgingssmall LodgingsEdit

Mahoganyhallsmall Mahogany HallEdit

Carnivalsmall Mrs Plenty's CarnivalEdit

Spitesmall SpiteEdit

Flitsmall The FlitEdit

Shutteredpalacesmall The Shuttered PalaceEdit

Universitysmall The UniversityEdit

Veilgardensmall VeilgardenEdit

Watchmakershillsmall Watchmaker's HillEdit

Wilmotsendsmall Wilmot's EndEdit

Wolfstacksmall Wolfstack DocksEdit


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