These are (usually zero-cost) actions which serve as gateways to other Storylets. This category is auto-added when you use Template:Redirect.

Redirects (retired)Edit

This was the category's interim use - but now we have the new redirect templates, the storylets can probably happily live in their in-game areas' categories (i.e. all sub-storylets of Dabble in the Great Game in Veilgarden etc.).

Listed in this Category are all the Storylets which have no location and are accessed (despite being small Storylets) through other, bigger Storylets or Storylet-Cluster. Best Example for this would currently be Dabble in the Great Game. It's a mix of Actions, Storylets and Ventures, with an shared Heading: The Great Game. Eventually more of these Connection-themed Storylet-Cluster will pop up and in this case we will need appropriate Templates but in the meantime, this looks like the best Solution, especially because there is zero change to the Storylets other than the location in Fallen London.

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