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A lush and stinking amber place of trees and eyed vines and orchids twining round mirror-frames.

Unlocked with A mahogany-framed mirror, or
Sidebarnightmares Nightmares 8 and Mirror 1 x Memory of Light

Main Quality: Sidebarnightmares Nightmares

Upon Unlock:Edit

A waking dream - is someone there?

A hot, orange sun hovering low in a real sky. Tangles of green foliage and the sounds of nature; little tickings and chirpings. Here and there, though, are man-made shapes and shiny surfaces; straight lines and right angles - empty frames.

Upon Escape:Edit

A familiar darkness

You look away from your reflection in the mirror, to the familiar darkness of the Neath above and around you. Where have you been? Lost for a moment in a reverie, watching yourself in the mirror? […] You struggle to remember the details.

  • Lodgingssmall You have moved to a new area: your Lodgings

Note that you can leave the Mirror Marches either by reducing Nightmares to zero, whereupon A familiar darkness is triggered; or Step through the mirror in the A familiar scene? storylet. The former costs less in actions and dreams loss.


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