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Who would choose to go to Polythreme? But some duties cannot be denied.

Unlocked with The Sea of Voices 0, Put to Zee! 2 or Orthos Seeks To Take Your Work

Upon UnlockEdit

A Zee-journey

A calm swift journey? Or will even the dragons that live at the edges of the maps be shaking their heads and telling you to turn back?

[To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 9. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality...]


Unlocked with Waves3 Approaching Journey's End 7Edit

Unlocked with Waves3 Approaching Journey's End 10Edit


Held cards from Unterzee The Broad Unterzee will carry over into the Sea of Voices (provided they don't require a high Troubled Waters value), but will not be redrawn once used.

Please note there may be more. If you find a card, please add it to the list!

Calm Seas - Locked with Sidebartroubledwaters Troubled Waters 8Edit

Lashing Waves - Unlocked with Sidebartroubledwaters Troubled Waters 8-10Edit

Fury of the Unterzee - Unlocked with Sidebartroubledwaters Troubled Waters 11Edit


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