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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

Who would choose to go to Polythreme? But some duties cannot be denied.

Unlocked with The Sea of Voices 0

Upon UnlockEdit

A Zee-journey

A calm swift journey? Or will even the dragons that live at the edges of the maps be shaking their heads and telling you to turn back? [To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 9. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality...]



Please note there may be more. If you find a card, please add it to the list!

Calm Seas - Locked with Troubled Waters 7Edit

Lashing Waves - Unlocked with Troubled Waters 7Edit

Fury of the Unterzee - Unlocked with Troubled Waters 11Edit

Unlocked with Approaching Journey's End 9Edit

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