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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: A little omen

The one with a picture of a sparkling diamond.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Game Instructions: This will temporarily grant a Shadowy Mood.

Unlocked with Owl Watchful 10


You are secretive

Your preference for this card shows that you feel at home in the shadows. Furtive pursuits are your forte. And you have the dash of ruthlessness that is common to all the most successful venturers.

[Find the rest of the story at]

  • Rookerysmall You'll lose any Moods in about an hour. Make the most of it!
  • Quirkruthlesssmall Ruthless is increasing… (+3 CP, up to level 10)
  • Catsmall Shadowy is increasing… (+5 CP)
  • Snowflakesmall You now have 1 x Cool as Ice

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