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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: Make your Move: A Confessional Evening

A campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. A fairer London. But is all as it seems?

Unlocked with Follow A Flash Lay: your Mark: A Political Campaign, Porticodark Flash Lay's Progress 75


A storehouse of London's secrets

[...] A secret room below the wine cellar [...] Shelves upon shelves of secrets.

[...] "Start with 'indiscretions of viscounts' and 'regrets of damned lords'. Those all go in Prospective Donations." [...]

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Alternative Success

Messages in the dark

[...] A Perspicacious Prioress sets you [...] to copying out the private affairs [...] of London's great and good.

[...] A jetty in Wolfstack Dock, where a young sister [...] relieves you of your sack of copied secrets and sets sail due east.

[Find the rest of the story at]

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