Not what you're looking for? Try City Vices: a Plea from an Old Friend

You run into a Struggling Artist you once knew very well. His star is rising now. He has his sights set on a wealthy patron. Could you lend him a little money to bribe the patron's butler and secure an interview?

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Unlocked with Fox Persuasive 30, Chap1 An Admirer of Art 1

Occurs with Standard Frequency


Why not? You can afford it.

Absolutely. But you'll take payment in kind.

'Patron', is it?

All options provide Follow2 1 CP of Someone is Coming. All quirks are only increased while below level 5.

Option Quirk Change Other Effects
Jadesmall Why not? You can afford it. Quirkmelancholy +1 Melancholy
Quirkmagnanimous +1 Magnanimous
Fox +1 Persuasive
Jade -40 Jade Fragments
Bethlehem Absolutely. But you'll take payment in kind. Quirkforceful +1 Forceful
Quirkhedonist +1 Hedonist
Fox +1 Persuasive
Jade -40 Jade Fragments
Crypticsecret +10 Cryptic Clues
Eyesmall 'Patron', is it?

Quirkmelancholy +1 Melancholy
Quirkforceful +1 Forceful
Quirkmagnanimous -1 Magnanimous

Sidebarscandal +1 Scandal

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