The turn of the screw: use to unlock higher-level elements of several stories...

Main Quality: Bear Dangerous, Fox Persuasive, Cat Shadowy, Owl Watchful


These options earn Dramatic Tension more or less equally quickly; however, the Missing Woman and Wilmot's End storylines require that you go through the carousel one more time to claim the reward, and the War of Assassins storyline does not.


Dramatic Tension of 2 or greater can be traded for any of the following rewards:

Reward Sell Value / EPA Action
3 x Document Bazaar Permit Icon-echo 37.50 / 1.10 The Treasures of War:
Tribute from your Rival of Power
1 x Gift Collection of Curiosities Icon-echo 65.00 / 1.80 [1] The Treasures of War:
A few of your old things
1 x Document Legal Document Icon-echo 12.50 / 0.28 Another contact in the fog:
Make the deal
4 x Torsowhite Strong-Backed Labour Icon-echo 40.00 / 0.86 [2] The End of a Search:
A friendly gesture
2 x Attacker Use of Villains Icon-echo 12.00 / 0.35 The Treasures of War:
Deserting henchmen
16 x Library Volume of Collated Research Icon-echo 40.00 / 1.17 The Treasures of War:
Settling out of court
20 x Library Volume of Collated Research Icon-echo 50.00 / 1.13 Another contact in the fog:
She is wearing pearls today
1 x Birdie Whirring Contraption Icon-echo 6.00 / 0.13 The End of a Search:
The carpet bag
  1. Assumes Trade your Collection of Curiosities for five Puzzling Maps is used and that the resulting Puzzling Maps and Extraordinary Implication are sold.
  2. Assumes Emancipate a Clay Man is used and that the resulting items are sold. Takes into account that one needs to either spend 2 x Inkling of Identity through Request access to the Clay Quarters or 1 x Tale of Terror!! through Demand access to the Clay Quarters.