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From: Drown an informant

She has to go near the river at some point. The Drownies can have her.

Challenge information

Broad, Cat Shadowy 30

  • 21 - very chancy (41%)
  • 26 - chancy (51%)
  • 31 - modest (61%)
  • 36 - very modest (71%)
  • 41 - low-risk (81%)
  • 46 - straightforward (91%)
  • 50 - straightforward (100%)


A quiet word, a quick shove

You fabricate a story about being ready to come to the Constables yourself and arrange a meeting at a bench near the river. She is halfway though a monologue concerning civic duty and the hope of a better life when you push her[…] into the waters.[…]

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The river folk

[…] into the waters. You walk away, and shudder as you think you catch a refrain of cold, tuneless singing. It is weeks before you hear from her again, but it seems that she neglected to join the Drownies and now harbours a grudge against you.

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