This is how the Election for the Mayor of London has developed over the years. If you have anything to fill in, please do =)

The Election of 2016 (1894)Edit

This was the first year in which an Election for Mayor was held.

It was announced in mid-June with some nifty poster art, and was held in the two weeks from July 4th to the 18th.

Players could choose one of three candidates:

...and one of three election careers:

The election event also included several new items/companions which could be purchased with Fate, though every player could select one such gift for free. Some gifts were available to all, and some only based on the player's choice of either candidate or election career:

Players could use various activities throughout London (including Investigations, Flash Lays, writing Short Stories, publishing newspapers, going to Polite Parties, etc.), as well as Election specific opportunity cards to gain different election resources:

Based on your chosen election career, you could use different combinations of these resources to advance your career level (capped at 20). At the end of the Election, your election career level + your Notability would be added to the tally towards your chosen candidate.

One week into the election, FBG have announced on Twitter that Jenny is in the lead. The resulting text of election investigations and Flash Lays also changed to reveal new hidden information on each of the candidates' campaigns.

At the end of the election, Sinning Jenny was announced as the winner and the new Mayor of London for one year.

The Election of 2017 (1895)Edit

The election was held from June 26th until July 10th.

The new candidates were:

The Election started with An Invitation to a Ball held by the retiring Mayor, Jenny, in which you could interact withe last year's candidates and be introduced to the new runners.

Players again could choose a free gift (and buy more with Fate). Old items tied to last year's candidates were no longer available. The rest were still available, in addition to new items:

This year has added a new social aspect to the election: The total "points" you contribute to your chosen candidate is composed of not just on your Notability and Election career level, but also from your Ballotbox Influencing the Election level, which you could raise via Social Actions relevant to your profession:

  • Silhouettelady Campaigners could solicit donations from other supporters of their candidate.
  • Silhouetteflatcap Agitators could raise mobs to attack Fixers of the other candidates.
  • Dig Fixers could help reduce Scandal/Suspicion of other supporters of their candidate.

These career-specific activities could raise Ballotbox Influencing the Election up to level 10.

The second week of the election introduced yet a new mechanics - Debates. You could engage in a debate with supporters of the other candidates, which involved several back-and-forth social actions. At the end, you'd both get some Purse Winnings from your Debates (how many depends on whether you've won, and on what arguments and tactics you've used), which you could use to increase your Ballotbox Influencing the Election even further, up to level 15.

After the first week of the election, FBG have announced that Feducci is in the lead, the Detective trails behind him, and the Campaigner's chances "seem slim".

At the end of the election, Feducci was announced as the winner with almost half the votes.

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