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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! Doctor Vaughan Explains

Dr Vaughan is wrestling with her conscience. She wants to tell you more. But are you the right sort?

Game Instructions: If you have a poor academic reputation, you could restore it by undertaking a Scientific Expedition.

Unlocked with Sidebarrespectable Respectable 7

Locked with Sidebarscandal Scandal 3, Deportestration Unwelcome at the University




'She's carrying a […] hybrid of human and moon-miser […] they're like giant insects […]'


'[…] I might have a solution. […] I'll need a few things […]'

Player summary:
Clarabelle is pregnant with a human/moon-miser hybrid. The moon-miser is described exactly like the gem you thought you were looking for. Her research has also angered the clay men in the area; she has violated their rules.

The moon-misers are also the source for some things found in London.

Dr. Vaughan thinks she has a solution for Clarabelle, but it requires a few items from London.

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