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From: A New Accomplice

Discuss two confessions which could - from the right perspective - be considered aspirational.

Game Instructions: Turn your Alluring Accomplice into a Fabulous Accomplice, increasing your Persuasive by 7 and your Dangerous by 5.

Unlocked with Bohogirl1 1 x Alluring Accomplice, Electionjenny 1 x Sinning Jenny's Confession, Princess 1 x The Kashmiri Princess' Confession


A life on the boards

The Kashmiri Princess went from understudy to the doyenne of Mahogany Hall. Jenny ended up the mayor of all London! [...] Your Accomplice purses her lips. "You make a good point. I have been underestimating myself." [...]

Player summary:
There are opportunities for a young lady, if she is willing to sacrifice a friend or two...

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Success Instructions: [If you wish to experience the other path your Accomplice might have taken, Alluring Accomplices are purchasable from the Bazaar.]