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From: A New Accomplice

Two of the confessions you have discovered hint at deeper mysteries of the Neath. You have noticed her fascination.

Game Instructions: Turn your Alluring Accomplice into a Esoteric Accomplice, increasing your Watchful by 7, your Shadowy by 5 and your Bizarre by 1.

Unlocked with Bohogirl1 1 x Alluring Accomplice, Mercy 1 x Lettice's Confession, Princess2 1 x The Captivating Princess' Confession


Questions beget questions

The fate of fallen cities; the nature of the Empress' progeny: these are just two of London's secrets. There are countless others. […]

Your Accomplice is eager to learn, […] "I must know more!" she exclaims, wild-eyed. "But first: coffee!"

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