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From: A New Urchin

You choose two confessions with strong moral underpinnings. They should teach him a thing or two about good manners, respect for your betters, and not kicking the bl__dy coal across the bl__dy hearth.

Game Instructions: Turn your Grubby Urchin into a Well-Scrubbed Urchin, increasing your Watchful by 7 and your Persuasive by 5.

Unlocked with Urchin 1 x Grubby Urchin, Princess 1 x The Kashmiri Princess' Confession, Bohogirl3 1 x The Soft-Hearted Widow's Confession


A lesson learned

For once, he listens attentively. "I think I 'as the right of it," he ruminates. […] That evening, he submits - for the first time ever - to a bath.

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Success Instructions: If you wish to experience the other path your Urchin might have taken, Grubby Urchins are purchasable from the Bazaar.