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From: A New Henchman

Pacts feature prominently in a number of these confessions. Perhaps a short reading would be educational.

Game Instructions: Turn your Devious Henchman into a Faustian Henchman, increasing your Shadowy by 7, your Dangerous by 5, and your Respectable by 1.

Unlocked with Pirategreensmall 1 x Devious Henchman, Chap5 1 x The Illuminated Gentleman's Confession, Bandagedman 1 x Feducci's Confession


The devil in disguise

The[…] Gentleman abandoned his memory to enable his duty. Feducci sacrificed his companions for his vanity. Your Henchman[…] "'Look the innocent flower, but be the serpent beneath it,'" […] He returns[…] missing an eye, a soul, and […] conscience.[…]

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Success Instructions: [If you wish to experience the other path your Henchman might have taken, Devious Henchmen are purchasable from the Bazaar.]