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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: Brawl at the Medusa's Head!

Try to come out on top.

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Challenge information

Broad, Bear Dangerous 15
  • 11 - very chancy (41%)
  • 13 - chancy (51%)
  • 16 - modest (61%)
  • 18 - very modest (71%)
  • 21 - low-risk (81%)
  • 23 - straightforward (91%)
  • 25 - straightforward (100%)


You did pretty well there.

You dust yourself off and stagger out into the street. You did your reputation some good and learnt some nasty moves. And look! Some of your opponents seem to have carelessly lost some of their possessions!

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Rare Success

You did pretty well, there...and what's this?

[…] at the end of it […] a pair of […] legs protruding from under a fallen fighter, you haul the body aside. An urchin scrambles out, […]. "You've the gratitude of the Regiment!" The Regiment are one of the urchin-gangs that infest the city. […]

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You crawl from the wreckage, badly bruised.

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