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Hints and nudges, velvet glove and iron fist. The fixer arranges matters just so, sweeping obstacles from the path to victory.

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Unlocked with

Levels Edit

  1. A Cunning Observer of the Democratic Process
  2. A Shrewd Navigator of the Political Melee
  3. A Canny Understander of the Follies and Frailties of the Political Agent
  4. A Greaser of Palms
  5. A Student of Dubiously Moral Political Texts
  6. An Unearther of Buried Skeletons
  7. A Noser of Scandals
  8. A Scholar of Dubiously Moral Political Tactics
  9. A Greaser of Eminences
  10. A  Controller of Crises
  11. A Creator of Crises
  12. A Manager of Crises You've Created
  13. A Manager of Crises You've Created
  14. A Pioneer of Suspect Political Practices
  15. Maker of Reputations
  16. A Writer of Dubiously Moral Political Tracts
  17. A Breaker of Reputations
  18. A Serpent-Tongued Whisperer of Scandal
  19. A Political Bellwether
  20. Your Name is Whispered in Hushed Fear