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From: Find an Absconding Devil: the singer

Your bohemian friends tell you that she's appearing at the Mahogany Hall, a ragged old musical venue, for one evening. You'll have to be quick.

Unlocked with Bohogirl1 Connected: Bohemian 3

Challenge information

Follow Investigating...

  • 5 - modest


On the line?

[…]The singer […] captivates the audience. You glimpse the Absconding Devil […].

[…] the singer […] heads […] with her […] friends. […] keen to know about her current project. She […] whispers that he is 'on the line and almost ready to reel in'.[…]

[Find the rest of the story at]


Not here.

The music-hall singer is as elusive as her infernal companion. The trail is growing cold.