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During the {{Christmas}} season, cards can be sent to other players through the Send a Christmas Card storylet. Previously, it looked like this, linking to Send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance as the card-sending option. However, there are actually four separate card-sending actions with the same name, each unlocked at a different Airs range and sending a different type of card—one for each attribute/menace. They were all listed on Send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance, but that's an unusual way of doing it.

Based on the disambiguation thing linked in the Editing Guidelines, I split the actions into four pages: Send a Christmas Card - Fogscape with Tentacles, Beguiling Predatory Vegetable, Paint-Besplattered Mog, Suspicious Sort. As the disambiguation examples allow, I extended the name to make it clear which page is which, but if this makes the names too long, the pages could be moved to Send a Christmas Card 1, 2, etc. easily.

I also used {{Social Actions Auto}}, even though the old page used {{Social Actions}}, because card-sending is an automatic, immediate social action instead of the normal kind the recipient can accept or decline. I hope I've understood these templates correctly.

This leaves some questions. What information should be on Send a Christmas Card, with the option names? Nothing extra but the Airs, like now? The relevant attribute, which covers the stat increase, second chances, and menace loss? The reduced menace, which the game instructions now indicate, implying it's the main feature of the otherwise-nerfed cards? Name of the card (Suspicious Sort, etc.), like the page names?

Lastly, what to do with Send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance? Nothing by that name exists anymore in-game, since it was renamed this year without the Acquaintance part since it doesn't actually require an acquaintance (apparently, from the forum, it never did in the first place). The cards' effects were also changed this year, with less second chances and stats increase, but a lot more menace loss. Game instructions were added referring to the menace loss, so I assume they wanted the cards to have a different purpose. So should it be deleted, with the current version existing on its own pages, and the old version not done in the correct format anyway? Should it be reverted to the pre-2015 version with different card effects and no game instructions, as a piece of retired content replaced by something with a slightly different name and purpose?

This is a great, helpful wiki. If you edit it and help keep it up to date and accurate, make it better-looking, make it have more templates, anything really: Thank you. —Cimanyd 05:57, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

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