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From: Ambition: Bag a Legend! - a forgotten shrine?

The church is disused and dilapidated now, but the ancient wooden door remains solid. The rector's wife has the key, though. They say she's a keen collector of Second City antiquities.

Unlocked with Tablet 100 x Relic of the Second City


'The bravest and noblest of her Order...'

[…]You find the plaque.[…] is that a bat's wing? It looks familiar.[…] under the heading 'donated by the generosity of' is a signature reading 'Mr Wines'.

So the rumours that said a Master of the Bazaar was interested in the Sisterhood were true.[…]

Player summary:
You find a plaque dedicated to a nun's bravery. It was apparently donated by Mr Wines. Now, how to arrange an interview with Mr Wines...?

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