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Bottle of Greyfields 1879

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Economy: Wines
Icon-echo 0.01 Bottleandglass Bottle of
Greyfields 1879
Bottleandglasssmall 5000:24Bottlegiant Giant
Icon-echo 0.02 Bottleandglassredsmall Bottle of
Greyfields 1882
▾▾▾ 50:10 or 500:105
Icon-echo 0.30 | Rare: Icon-echo 1.00
or Bottleandglasssmall 1000:240
Icon-echo 0.10 Bottlemorelways Bottle of
Morelways 1872
▾▾▾ Clergy 50:10 or 500:105
Icon-echo 0.40 | Rare: Icon-echo 5.00
or Bottleandglasssmall 400:96
Icon-echo 0.50 Bottlewillow Bottle of Strang-
ling Willow Absinthe
▾▾▾ Clergy 50:10
Icon-echo 1.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 25.00
Icon-echo 2.50 Bottlegiant Broken Giant 1844
▾▾▾ Clergy 25:5
Icon-echo 2.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 62.50
Icon-echo 12.50 Wineglass Cellar of Wine
▾▾▾ Bottleandglasssmall 5:1
Icon-echo 1.25
Icon-echo 62.50 Bottlehorse Fourth City Airag:
Year of the Tortoise
▾▾▾ Bottleandglasssmall Cherries 7:1
Icon-echo 312.50 Bazaartears Tears of the Bazaar
▾▾▾ Bottleandglasssmall Cherries Sidebarnotability 5:1
Icon-echo 1562.60 Bottlecrystal Masters' Blood

Icon-echo 0.01 Bottleblack Bottled Oblivion
Icon-echo 0.20 Bottlegreen Greyfields 1868
First Sporing

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

The mushroom wines of the Neath are an acquired taste.

See Bottle of Greyfields 1879 Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It can be purchased from Bottlesmall ​⁠ Merrigans Exchange and sold to the Bazaar.
Buying Icon-echo 0.02 If the spore thicken, upend it
Selling Icon-echo 0.01 An acceptable year. Far too acceptable, if you ask me.
Diamondsmall Unfinished Business Foxsmall Your crowd of admirers
It shows up in the Wines section of your inventory. 

See Category:Bottle of Greyfields 1879 for uses of this item, or click  here  to show them.

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