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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: The Errors of London

Secrecy is impossible to guarantee during Hallowmas. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to defend the confession-keepers.

Locked with Electioncampaigner A Confession of Curiosity from the Dauntless Temperance Campaigner, Fatman A Confession of Guile from Clathermont, Assuredfilmmaker A Confession of Impropriety from the Assured Filmmaker, Sardonicmusichallsinger A Confession of Violence from the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, Duchess A Confession of Pride from the Duchess, Urchingirl A Confession of Whimsy from Colonel Molly

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50-60%)


Peace beneath

There are no footsteps on the roofs; no shadows in the windows; no lingering figures on the street corner. The lurkers and listeners left - after you sent one scurrying away with a black eye.


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Rare Success

There are lights in darkness

Solitary revellers pass through the alleyways below, lit only by their candles. They look like the shooting stars of the stolen sky: traversing through the dark with nothing but their own light, and the hopes and fears the world has whispered to them


A moving piece of night

You watch over the revellers from the rooftops. They […] whisper their confessions into the brick, and depart.

[…] a darkness on the roof across from you shifts - a Night-Black Cat! It scampers away, taunting you with the confessions it overheard.

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Beneath the stone

[…] revellers pass.[…] someone - or something - was listening in as they buried their confessions.

Nonsense! You personally cleared the eaves […]. Still, […] A few the cobbles are loose[…]; thick roots have grown swiftly, and are pushing them[…]

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