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From: A serious offer 2

This day was bound to come sooner or later. He wants to talk about your soul? You know what that means. He wants to take your soul. So many others seem so desperate to give theirs up – there must be a reason for that. Will you risk letting (…)

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Game Instructions: Warning: If you are unlucky, he may be more persuasive than you realise.

Locked with Bloodstain 1 x Stain on Your Soul

Challenge information

A matter of luck: How can you fail? (success chance: 90%)


A close thing

The Affectionate Devil holds your hand and whispers [...] about the beauty of Abstraction, [...] letting go of ties that only cause you pain [...] living an 'unburdened' life [...]

You [...] pull back. [...] Just how close an escape was that?

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So charming. What was that about a soul?

The Affectionate Devil holds your hand and whispers in your ear [...] The firelight [...] grows and swims until it swallows your consciousness.

You wake in your own bed, alone [...] You do not feel hurt, or bereft, or lacking, or particularly alive.

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Failure Instructions: One day, there will surely come an opportunity (Wiki note: Where's my soul?) to recover your soul, should you regret what happened.

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