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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.


"'ere, longshanks! Slivvy says 'as 'ow you wants to get rid of your wind-brand. And for a wery reasonable price."

Game Instructions: This will end your quest for the Name. Take advantage of this opportunity! Get out now!

Unlocked with Clouds 1 x Aeolian Scream, Jade 100 x Jade Fragment, Urchin 3 x Favours: Urchins


Rooftop rituals

You meet a [...] stuttering urchin with a [...] liver-coloured birthmark. [...]

When he begins his chanting, the stutter disappears. [...] And then he lets the Aeolian Scream out [...]

Your mind is clearer than it has been in weeks.

[Find the rest of the story at]

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