From: Attending an Extravagant Wedding

Many important members of London society are in attendance. Between the wine and the convivial atmosphere, their guard is down. Now's the perfect time to make a good impression.

Unlocked with Envelope An Invitation to an Extravagant Wedding

Your friend needs Chandelier Throwing an Extravagant Wedding (friend)

When Sent

Charmed, you're sure

A Merry Vicar […] is moved to bless your drink after you warn him that one of London's Bishops is rumoured to be attending. The Puckish Lord is titillated by your stories […], so he can scandalise his Society friends. It […] is rewarding.

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In Messages Tab

You will receive:

The wedding of [Friend] was wonderful.

Your friend will receive:

[Friend] had a wonderful time at your wedding.