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Helltrain The Twelve-Fifteen from Moloch Street

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From: An Exceptional Story: An Infernal Interview

You might learn something interesting.


The public interest

The old woman's resolve crumbles […]. "Listen, I signed a contract. My time has come.[…]"

[…] the journalist […] regales you with tales of recent crimes[…]: a danseur's dressing room was ransacked, a pile of ash found […]. The detail is familiar.[…]

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Success Instructions: You are on the verge of uncovering a criminal conspiracy. You may begin to investigate in your Study, where Exceptional Friends will also find the opportunity to begin this month's Exceptional Story.

If Considering Criminal Conundrums is less than 10:

Redirects to: The Season of Skies: a Niggling Suspicion


Redirects to: The Season of Skies: the Tip of the Iceberg