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From: An Election! London Must Decide!, The Mayoral Election 1895

Is everything above board? Who's financing who? Are all donations present and accounted for? There's only one way to find out: some old-fashioned muckraking.

Game Instructions: This will begin a Case. Raise your Detective's Progress to 30 to complete your investigation. You will gain Convincing Rhetoric.

Unlocked with Declaim You have pledged your support to -

Locked with Jigsaw Engaged in a Case, Crate Hunted by a Mob: Armed With


A public service

[…] Everyone knows something. Everyone pretends to know a great deal more. No one wants to be accused of ignorance in this game of braggadocio, bluster, and bare-faced deceit. This will require resourcefulness, cunning and intellectual fortitude.

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Redirects to: Pursue your current Case