From: Attend to Matters of the Heart

It would be lovely to spend some time with your spouse. But nothing excessive. Marriage is a sensible institution.

Unlocked with Followphoto Images of a Wedding, Dance 1 x Free Evening, Pocketwatch Organising a Wedding 0

Locked with Labyrinth Asking your Spouse to a Decorous Evening Out (friend) 1

Your friend needs Ring gold Espoused to (you), Pocketwatch Organising a Wedding 0

When Sent

A fine evening

Perhaps you'll row across the lake in Jekyll Gardens! Or maybe you'll hold each other close, under the strict eye of an dancing coach.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

It would be good to spend some time together.

Your friend will receive:

A night spent in respectable fashion with your spouse. What do you say?

Wiki note: This will unlock A Decorous Evening with your Spouse for your friend.