Let's see - the luxury is sinful. The staff are always polite. Warm? I'll say it's warm. Good cigars, urbane conversation, and just the slightest possibility of accidental damnation.

[Using this will change your current lodgings to your rooms at the Brass Embassy]

See Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It can be purchased from Doorsmall ⁠​ Penstock's Land Agency, but cannot be sold.
Buying Icon-echo ~1600
(Bottledsoulbluesmall 1250 x Brilliant Soul)
"As the bee to the flower," observes Penstock. "I can't say they're my favorite clients, but they know when... not to get in the way."

See Category:Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room for uses of this item, or click  here  to show them.

Rooms at the Brass Embassy

The Brass Embassy, the centre of infernal activity in the Neath. And how busy it is! Devils coming and going at all hours. Furtive spirifers, anxious diplomats and the occasional beastly demon. Much can be gained here and much lost.

Move to your Rooms at the Brass Embassy

  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 3


    In you go

    • Brassembassyroom You've changed lodgings. Your new lodgings are A guest room at the Brass Embassy.
    • Changeofaddresssmall The opportunities this address provides mean you can keep 4 Opportunity cards in your hand.

Move to your Sanctum

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