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From: Complete your acquaintance with the Melancholy Curate. Or his Enigmatic Sister.

You think you've learnt enough about your target to make a convincing play for her affections.

Challenge information

Narrow, Follow Investigating... 19

  • 18 - very chancy (50%)
  • 19 - chancy (60%)
  • 20 - modest (70%)
  • 21 - very modest (80%)
  • 22 - low-risk (90%)
  • 23 and above - straightforward (100%)


A memorable night, and a peculiar breakfast

The Enigmatic Sister is everything you might have hoped, and indeed, some things you didn't expect. Her origins may be more exotic than you'd expected […] Still. A remarkable few hours.

[The Curate] seems sterner and gloomier than ever this morning.

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Bad timing?

The Sister's window is open. The room is freezing cold. And her bed has not been slept in. You withdraw, puzzled. Perhaps another time.