Appallingsecret This content is part of the Mr Eaten storyline.

In the migrainous straits of deep sleep, there is a marsh where candle-flames buzz like wasps.

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Unlocked with

Each of the cards unlocked by having various levels of Unaccountably Peckish has options which provide Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance. This mechanism ensures you can use these cards to gain Category:Seeking Mr Eaten's Name only once per week.


Wiki note: in the revised SMEN, only Marsh-Mired 1 is obtainable. The other quality level descriptors still seem to exist.

  1. Dreaming of the Chamber
  2. The first smirch
  3. The Betrayal of the Hook
  4. The Compass of Souls
  5. Blind the Bazaar
  6. Fragments and embers
  7. Webbed in the Well
  8. The cursed sun and the saint's soul
  9. The season to be rendered

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