The game is best thought of as a means to read a story. To that end, until you are approaching the high level (all stats at or near cap and so forth), the best sources of Echos are the content you're seeing. The only exception to this rule is that when you see content related to A box of secrets, play that content as that leads to the "gold standard" Echo grind.

The GrindsEdit

(The short version, for those looking for a TL/DR: Your best option (in the long run, at least) is to curate your deck carefully, play good cards and discard crappy ones, attend parties, and use your relatively small number of remaining actions to play the Collection of Curiosities branch of the Dramatic Tension carousel and trade the resulting Collections to tomb colonists. Second best is probably grinding Port Carnelian if you know what you're doing.)

Your best methods for echo grinding are the following:


  • Fate-locked selling your soul (28.15 epa, increasing amounts of Fate required)
  • Fate-locked expeditions (7 Fate for 5.3 epa [under correct conditions])
  • Tanah-Chook, unlocked by the "All Things Must End" Exceptional story (1.8 epa)
  • Fate-locked selling your soul (1.8 epa, easily locked out of)
  • Fate-locked Soul Trade (1.75 epa)

Regular GrindsEdit

The following can be done only with skill-checks.

Luck-based GrindsEdit

The following have a range in pay-outs and should only be considered in large batches for an overall epa.


These grinds worked for some people at points in the games past but currently are not believed to be profitable.

Reference Edit

These aren't grinds, classically, but are here to show you how many echoes you're earning.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

Unknown EPA Edit


Only listed are cards that provide higher than 1.5 epa.

Rare Frequency Cards:

Grinding scraps to trade in with one of the Relickers for one of the Tier 8 (1562.5e) items only works if you limit yourself to 3 scrap or higher actions.

Forgotten Quarter Expeditions Edit

With revamp of Favours: The Docks, the number of actions which have to be spent on expeditions, which is the only factor which the player can control, can be minimized. There is a section for Shrine of the Deep expeditions in the page which has been linked to in the sub-heading above. The final Echoes per action is, of course, still dependent on the reward which is obtained through Unpredictable Treasures.

There are four readily repeatable sources of Favours: The Docks, all via opportunity cards:

So the least costly is almost certainly Buy a round at the Rusty Tramp, so we'll go with that to start. Similarly, for A thieves' cache!, we'll assume that the source of the Favours: Criminals is Provide an alibi (criminals) or some other source that generates +1 suspicion.

For A thieves' cache!, the costs are:

  • 1 Favour: Criminals, which requires 1 Action to generate and an average of 1/3 action and 0.5E to remove the resulting suspicion using Ablution Solution.
  • 1 Action to start the Expedition and generate 1 Progress.
  • 3 Actions and on average ~8.45 Supplies to generate the remaining 9 (or more) Progress, when taking into account the 5% probability per action of being able to play A sign?.
    • Each Supplies consumed costs an average of 1/2 action and 2.5 Rostygold to replace.
  • Two actions to finish the expedition and cash in.

And the expedition generates, on average:

So the net profit is approximately 26.98 + .7*4 + .3*10 - 8.45 * .025 - 0.5 = ~32.07E.

And the total number of actions taken is approximately 4/3 + 1 + 3 + 8.45 / 2 + 2 = 11.56 actions, for an estimated 32.07/11.56 = 2.77 EPA.

The NadirEdit

Then there are also these Nadir cards

Without question the best echoes per action in the game is this . . . so long as you ignore opportunity costs. Otherwise, not so much. 10 Fate can be spent (among other things) to refresh 20 actions, which means that spending 50 Fate and 1 action is at least equivalent to spending 101 actions. So if you were going to spend that same amount of money on Fate anyway, and burned it all on action refreshes, you'd still make 165.64e (AotB) or 176.75e (Spirifage). Thus spending your Fate on A Special Delivery only gets you a further 146.86e or 135.75e, which doesn't sound quite as impressive. Even if it does take a lot less time and clicking. And since buying large amounts of Fate in order to spend it on grinding is a terrible idea (real-world) financially, well . . .

That's not to say that spending Fate on A Special Delivery is necessarily a bad idea if done the way it's intended to be, to speed up the process of gaining access to the Nadir. It's just a prohibitively expensive and inefficient way to grind echoes. There's much more efficient ways to convert Fate to money, such as doing Gallery of Serpents expeditions.

(As a point of reference, grinding the 11712.8e for an Overgoat this way would take 37.48 actions and 1874 Fate, or $334.64 [even with the most efficient Fate purchase at 280 Fate per $50]. Cider would take 512 actions and 25600 Fate, or $4571.43 - you could achieve immortality in under a week. Financially speaking, though, you'd be better off waiting for another Cider auction.)