The game is best thought of as a means to read a story. To that end, until you are approaching the high level (all stats at or near cap and so forth), the best sources of Echos are the content you're seeing. The only exception to this rule is that when you see content related to A box of secrets, play that content as that leads to the "gold standard" Echo grind.

The GrindsEdit

Your best methods for echo grinding are the following:


  • Fate-locked selling your soul (28.15 epa, increasing amounts of Fate required)
  • Fate-locked expeditions (7 Fate for 5.3 epa [under correct conditions])
  • Fate-locked selling your soul (1.8 epa, easily locked out of)
  • Fate-locked Soul Trade (1.73 epa, increases to 1.8 EPA when calling in favours)

Regular GrindsEdit

The following can be done only with skill-checks.

Luck-based GrindsEdit

The following have a range in pay-outs and should only be considered in large batches for an overall epa.


These grinds worked for some people at points in the games past but currently are not believed to be profitable.

Reference Edit

These aren't grinds, classically, but are here to show you how many echoes you're earning.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

*this might be higher

Unknown EPA Edit


Only listed are cards that provide higher than 1.5 epa.

Rare Frequency Cards:

Grinding scraps to trade in with one of the Relickers for one of the Tier 8 (1562.5e) items only works if you limit yourself to 3 scrap or higher actions.

Forgotten Quarter Expeditions Edit

With revamp of Favours: The Docks, the number of actions which have to be spent on expeditions, which is the only factor which the player can control, can be minimized. There is a section for Shrine of the Deep expeditions in the page which has been linked to in the sub-heading above. The final Echoes per action is, of course, still dependent on the reward which is obtained through Unpredictable Treasures.

The NadirEdit

Then there are also these Nadir cards

Without question the best echoes per action in the game is this. It's repeatable, but it's only available so long as you haven't opened the Cave yet. It also costs 50 fate. But hey! 312.5epa. You'll have a goat in 37.5 actions and Hesperidean Cider within a week.

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