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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: Wednesday in Parabola

"I snared him with music as he warred with Spices. He's angry, but he does enjoy the music. The balance of power in London is out of kilter without him. If I release him, it'll be as it was. And he'll be grateful. Though I can hardly trust him."


Dreaming of spires

"[…]Wines […] constructs dreams in the Mirror-Marches[…]. He pays well for my information, and my counsel. He covets the honeyed roads into Parabola: he and Spices […]. I have grown invaluable to him. As I have to the Fingerkings."[…]

Player summary:
You release Mr Wines with dignity, parting as "friends". He allies with you -  you become invaluable to Mr Wines for information and counsel that you provides - Now he constructs dream in the Mirror-Marches, seeking the "honeyed roads into Parabola since their colleague was cast down". As for you, you become invaluable for both Mr Wines and Fingerkings. Just as planned.

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