This lecture is brought to you by the Dean of Criminal Rehabilitation & Eradication

You might be wondering what challenges that aren't Broad difficulty are? The answer for most of them is Narrow.

Narrow challenges have a range from 10% success to 100%. The challenge level has the chance of 60%. For every level above the challenge level, you get a 10% greater chance. For every level below you lose 10%, to a minimum of 10%. This challenge system is often used with non-main attribute challenges, like Respectable, Investigating..., Brass Ring challenges and you name it.

Challenge List GeneratorEdit

 template = Template:Calculator/ChallengeListNarrow
 form = ChallengeGenerator
 result = ChallengeGeneratorResult
 param = qualLink|Quality Link|Respectable|string
 param = diff|Difficulty Level|5|int|1-999
Calculator loading...

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