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From: St Gawain's Candle (Chapel of Lights storylet)

A brown-boned skinless eyeless scarecrow, tattered into tendoned gristle, skull-glyphs ablaze. Perhaps there is enough left of it to make a candle. Perhaps.


You press its head down

It fits into the altar hollow with a click like a billiard ball. At your command, it surrenders the sword. ... But, when you have done what is needful, it will be enough for a candle. Enough for a candle. (Enough.)

  • Lodgingssmall You have moved to a new area: your Lodgings
  • Candleeyesmall An occurrence! Your 'St Gawain's Candle' Quality is now !
  • Appallingsecretsmall You've gained 1 x Seeking Mr Eaten's Name
  • Wellsmall (increases Well by +10, to be - based on the previous value - one of:)
    • I will open the Gate
    • We will open the Gate
    • Will we open the Gate?