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Theatrechair The Final Curtain

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From: An Exceptional Story: A Cacophony of Urchins

The urchins are particularly obnoxious today. Have hard times driven them to this?

Unlocked with Banknotes 7 x Penny


"Fank you. This'll assist in the creation of great art. Well, some will."

"We're […] Raising funds for the Royalty Theatre. […]

The children depart, leaving the Sentimental Butler […]. "I was certain this would be the thing that finally killed him. […] Do come in, he has been asking for you."

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Success Instructions: After a life at zee, there is much the Severe Bluejacket has come to regret. Everyone may visit him in Breakwater House, where Exceptional Friends will also find the opportunity to begin this month's Exceptional Story.