General NoteEdit

The entire faction connections system is being overhauled (one by one). The game is moving from a single Connection quality per faction into the dual qualities of Favours and Renown. See Raising Favours.

More details here: [1]

As such, for factions which have already gone through this change, the data in this guide is no longer applicable.

A list of factions already moved to Favours/Renown:


This guide lists the best repeatable methods in London for raising Connected values for characters whose major qualities are 100 or more.

[Todo: include storylets available only at the University or Empress' Court]

General MethodsEdit

Faction Opportunity CardsEdit

Each faction has its own Opportunity card which provides an option to spend a few Pence to increase that faction's Connected quality.

[Todo: Fill in table with these actions]

Opportunity cards associated with a particular faction.

Faction Card
Bohogirl1 Bohemian Showgirl The Demi-Monde: Bohemians
Manacles Criminals Hench2 The Alleys of London: the Criminals
Devil Hell Devil Burning Shadows: the Devils of London
Flames Revolutionaries Revolutionary Gunpowder and Zeal: the Revolutionaries
Rubberyman Rubbery Men Rubberyman Slime and Amber: the Rubbery Men
Salon3 Society Societywoman Park and Palace: Society
Clergy The Church Church Altars and alms-houses: the Church
Copper The Constables Copper Court and Cell: the Constables
Ship The Docks River By the River's Side: the Docks
Pawn The Great Game Spypaper Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game
Bandagedman The Tomb-Colonies Tombcolonist Bandages and Dust: The Tomb-Colonies
Urchin Urchins Spite2 The Roof-Tops: Urchins

Mrs Plenty's Carnival

If your Connected is less than 10, you can expend two actions and a Carnival Ticket to gain a certain amount of CP depending on the faction. This method can be used for all factions other than Benthic, Summerset and The Masters.

The Big Top (30 CP):

  • Bohemian
  • The Church
  • Constables
  • Hell
  • Society
  • The Tomb-Colonies
  • The Widow

The sideshows:

  • Criminals (10 CP, available upto Connected 15)
  • The Docks (10 CP)
  • The Duchess (20 CP)
  • The Game (20 CP)
  • Revolutionaries (20 CP, costs three actions)
  • Rubbery Men (12 CP)
  • Urchins (12 CP)

Connection ItemsEdit

These are items which allow you to increase your connections by sacrificing certain items. All are available at the bazaar, but some are available otherwise as well.

Connection items can be bought at the Bazaar (or gained elsewhere) and repeatedly used when you have Connected 10–19 with a faction. This takes three actions and gives 75 CP in exchange for 150p worth of items (2p/CP at 25 CP/action). Most of them can be sold for either 250p or 500p less than their purchase price making them good investments for certain endeavours. However, there are, of course, exceptions.

Item Buy/Sell Effect Input Notes
Nikolas Pawnbrokers
Coppersmall Antique Constable's Badge 30.00
Converted to Renown
Bookbrownsmall Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals 30.00
Salon3 75 CP Society Crypticsecret 75 x Cryptic Clue required to gain Sidebarnotability Notability
Red goldsmall Copper Cipher Ring 40.00
Converted to Renown
Flagsmall Red-Feathered Pin 40.00
Flames 75 CP Revolutionaries Scrap2 3 x Whisper-Satin Scrap
Unfinished paintingsmall Tiny Jewelled Reliquary 40.00
Clergy 75 CP The Church Whispered Secret 150 x Whispered Hint
Tankardsmall Engraved Pewter Tankard 50.00
Converted to Renown
Typewritersmall Ornate Typewriter 60.00
Bohogirl1 75 CP Bohemian Whispered Secret 150 x Whispered Hint
Keystonesmall Old Bone Skeleton Key 62.50
Converted to Renown
Universitysmall Endowment of a University Fellowship 100.00

University 75 CP Benthic

University 75 CP Summerset

Vialgreen 15 x Flask of Abominable Salts

Vialgreen 15 x Flask of Abominable Salts

available from Connected 1

University 1 CP Benthic
Sidebarmakingwaves 3 CP Making Waves

University 1 CP Summerset
Sidebarmakingwaves 3 CP Making Waves

University 50 CP Summerset

University 50 CP Benthic

requires Connected 10
Merrigans Exchange
Skullbrasssmall Bright Brass Skull 62.50
Converted to Renown
Amber redsmall Nodule of Pulsating Amber 100.00
Converted to Renown
Crawcase Cryptics
Bookpurplesmall O'Boyle's Practical Primer in the Various Languages of Nippon, Tartary, Cathay and the Princedoms of the Raj 30.00
Widow 75 CP The Widow Crypticsecret 75 x Cryptic Clue
Bookdeadsmall Diary of the Dead 62.50
Converted to Renown this item is needed for upgrading your Shadowy line Raven Advisor
Scarydoorsmall Rookery Password 62.50
Converted to Renown

Conflict CardsEdit

There are 10 Conflict Cards which unlock with 5+ Connections of a pair of factions. These cards let you trade -15 CP with one faction for +30 CP with the other. Many options also give 30-100p worth of items and affect quirks. You can use these to increase connections with all factions other than Benthic, Criminals, the Duchess, and Summerset, for a net benefit of 15 CP per action (along with other benefits/detriments). This is usually more efficient on a per-action basis than using storylets (exceptions: Bohemians, Revolutionaries and Society), although it takes longer in real time since you actually have to draw the cards. The combinations are:

Connected: 5+ with each faction unlocks
Faction 1 Faction 2 Card Notable Effect siding with
Bohogirl1 Bohemian Clergy The Church
The kaleidoscopic church
Clergy The Church Pawn The Great Game
A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you
Clergy : one of each Second Chance
Clergy The Church Devil Hell
Brimstone or frankincense?

Clergy : Sidebarscandal -3 CP Scandal

Devil : Sidebarscandal +1 CP Scandal

Ship The Docks Urchin Urchins
Youthful high spirits
Devil Hell Urchin Urchins
The Devil and the Child
Urchin : Sidebarwounds +3 CP Wounds
Widow The Widow Urchin Urchins
A familiar face by the school railings
Urchin : Sidebarnightmares -3 CP Nightmares
Copper The Constables Rubberyman Rubbery Men
They all look the same to me
Flames Revolutionaries Rubberyman Rubbery Men
Amber in the well
Rubberyman : Sidebarscandal +1 CP Scandal
Rubberyman Rubbery Men Bandagedman The Tomb-Colonies
A misfortune at the Carnival
Either side: Sidebarwounds +1 CP Wounds + TICKET 5 x Carnival Ticket
Salon3 Society Bandagedman The Tomb-Colonies
Going gentle

One good use of these cards is to transfer CPs from easily grindable factions like Bohemians and Society to others.

Two more Conflict Cards become available with Docks/Widow 30+ and Constables/Criminals 50+. These basically give valuable items at the price of a huge hit in one or both Connected qualities.

Faction 1 Faction 2 Card CP Effects (Options)
Connected: 30+ with each faction unlocks
Ship The Docks Widow The Widow
The Acacia and the Butterfly

Ship -500 CP , Widow +30 CP 

Widow -500 CP , Ship +30 CP 

Ship -100 CP , Widow -100 CP 

Connected: 50+ with each faction unlocks
Manacles Criminals Copper The Constables
Crime or punishment?

Manacles -500 CP , Copper +100 CP 

Copper -500 CP , Manacles +50 CP 

Raising Specific ConnectionsEdit


The ChurchEdit


The DuchessEdit

The Great GameEdit



Rubbery MenEdit


The Tomb-ColoniesEdit


The WidowEdit

Benthic and SummersetEdit

The Masters of the BazaarEdit

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