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The old version is moved to Seeking Mr Eaten's Name (old).

Beginning the SearchEdit


So, you’ve decided to man/woman/other up and join the quest for the Name with other like-minded lunatics like ourselves! Good on you! The road ahead leads only to misery and damnation and woe and personal loss and financial ruin and loneliness and death and imprisonment but no complaining allowed you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Unfortunately, you can’t just up and decide "Oh I would like to search for the Name now" and start off right away. Every journey has a beginning, and for this one there are several.

So, you’re flirting with disaster, contemplating searching for the Name. Now what? A black-bordered card named "An Alphabet of Scars" should show up... soon.

Unaccountably PeckishEdit




Opportunity cardsEdit

  • ACE OF HUNGERS: You can't sleep for hunger. Your belly growls. You toss and turn. What is wrong here? Maybe roast chestnuts for 10 Piece of Rostygold would fix things, or maybe rare meat for (100 x UP) pennies, or perhaps you're not hungry, exactly, and use (100 x UP) Drop of Prisoner's Honey. The latter two options are locked with MMiDoS.
  • TWO OF BATS: A courier in sombre livery approaches you in the street to hand you a note bearing the seal of Mr Iron. It reads: 'You are pursuing a name. End your pursuit now.' You can choose to rip it to shreds, consume it to gain a level of SMEN, or heed it’s advice.
  • THREE OF ROSES: Stolid, heavy-gloved gardeners are hacking at a savagely thorned growth on the Shuttered Palace walls - bloody-ivy, a fortunately rare plant which here must have escaped from the Botanical Reserve. You can either notice something familiar in its curls, or snatch up the cuttings and eat them. This costs a moderate amount of Shadowy, Dangerous, and gives a moderate amount of Wounds, with the first option giving a level of SMEN.
  • FOUR OF EYES: The halfpeople in the streets watch you with hateful, ignorant eyes. They won't dare talk to you any more. You can either ask them the question, or curse their ignorance. This allows you to sacrifice large amounts of most connections and Persuasive, with the first option giving a level of SMEN.
  • FIVE OF LIGHTS: A chandlery. You always seem to be passing chandleries. This one is ripe. You can either eat, costing 10 * UP^2 pennies; or burn, giving moderate Suspicion, a large amount of Wounds, and a level of SMEN.
  • SIX OF PEARLS: Omar the Tentmaker wrote: "I often wonder what the vintners buy, one half so precious as the goods they sell." Omar the Tentmaker was not familiar with the treasures of dentists. You will consume teeth. Either of others, or your own for a large amount of Wounds and a level of SMEN.
  • SEVEN OF WORDS: In the hours before dawn, when he was drowned, you dream that you come to your door and knock on it. When you open it, you say: "I have a few questions. It's just procedure. Annex Thirty-Two requires as much." You can either answer the questions for a level of SMEN, or bake a pie which gives an amount of Wounds.
  • KNAVE OF REGRETS: Should you give something up? You have done so much harm. You can send a little present to another player, give to the church, give to the poor, or give up your Iron Knife Tokens. You could also seek help from an unlikely source to be Free of the Name, or scream out of the window at passers-by. The options about restitution give a level of SMEN.
  • KNIGHT OF FEASTS: So few of them know what you are. You speak and eat and smile like any other. Even your friends may not suspect. But sometimes it all gets too much. You are hungry.

First StepsEdit

The Northridden should turn their eye to their opportunity cards to wait for An Alphabet of Scars, where you have a choice to make. Either option appears to set you to SMEN 3.
  • A WARNING: On reaching SMEN 2 (or 3) you are given a choice, between opting in with the choice to become Free of the Name later, or what appears to be permanently opting out of the story. Ignore that, that’s not what you’re here for. Your course is set. You seek the name! "Why?" is a question for later.

Closer to the NameEdit

The Seeking RoadEdit

In the wicker of a candle-flame, in the stir of still water, in the soft tick of hours before dawn, there is a voice. Listen, and it will ask. Do as it asks, and you will regret it. In your lodgings, you will have a number of options available, which will increase as you further Seek the Name.

Winking IsleEdit

You need Mr Eaten's Calling Card? to reach Winking Isle. The very fortunate might receive one from a former Seeker who no longer has use for theirs, otherwise you must reach Seeking 29 and ask God's Editors for help (either as a member or as a potential member).

At Winking Isle, those who abandon worldly cares and possessions and have persistence and luck can increase their level of Seeking without having to waste hundreds of Searing Enigmas or wait for Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance to go away.



St Arthur's CandleEdit

Hint: Betray friends, lovers, innocents.

Once you reach Seeking 7, you will have A Dream of Dark Waters. This grants you your first Weeping Scar. After acquiring the first Scar, you must mark yourself further: at Seeking 14 you can acquire further Weeping Scars, at Seeking 16 you can acquire Memories of Chains, and at Seeking 18 you can acquire Stains on your Soul. At Seeking 21, with your body, mind, and soul each marked seven times, you can finally begin the search for St Arthur's Candle. You must commit seven betrayals, and then use seven Searing Enigmas to perform seven rituals. Once you have seven Footsteps of the False Saints, you can acquire the candle.

St Beau's CandleEdit

Hint: Midnight.

You must have St Arthur's Candle and reach Seeking 24 to search for St Beau's Candle. Be sure to get 3330 Moon-pearls and 150 Memories of Light first, and note that you will lose all your Carnival Tickets when you start. You'll find the candle in the House of Mirrors, but to obtain it, you must give up something of great value: all of your Lodgings (only possible if one of them is a Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar), all of your Connections/Favours/Renown, or 40 FATE.

St Cerise's CandleEdit

Hint: Blood must be spilt.

Unlocks at Seeking 27. You must sacrifice something precious to the well to obtain this candle.

St Destin's CandleEdit

Hint: Surrender.

Unlocks at Seeking 35. With 12 Notability and no Profession, you can gain St Destin's Candle when Slowcake's Amanuensis visits.

Alternatively, if you haven't acquired a Destiny yet, you can visit an abyssal future and give the Lorn-Flukes The Name, although doing so means you will be destined for TORMENT.

St Erzulie's CandleEdit

Hint: Forget.

Found in the Cave of the Nadir with Seeking 42. To obtain the candle, you must become Obscure, permanently giving up the ability to have Tattoos, Professions, Notability, Ambitions, or Destiny.

...Although you don't actually have to do any of that, and can simply acquire the candle with no penalty whatsoever. If you prefer.

St Fortigan's CandleEdit

Hint: Pray.

Unlocks at Seeking 49. You must have the previous five candles, Mr Eaten's Calling Card?, and your own Ship. Acquire a Book of Crimson Prayer, and you can sail to the Chapel of Lights. Attend six services to acquire the sixth candle.

St Gawain's CandleEdit

Hint: You will never achieve this candle, and even if you were to do so, you would lose the very head from your shoulders.

Unlocks at Seeking 63. In order to go North, you must first go South.


Upon reaching Seeking 77, an option from The Seeking Road can be chosen once you have all seven candles. This will grant you the quality Embarked on an Expedition to the North, locking The Seeking Road permanently. At zee, you can choose a destination of NORTH, bringing you to the Avid Horizon to complete your quest. At the brink you may turn back, the last chance to save yourself, or press on.

NOTE: The Avid Horizon content features a message from Failbetter Games explicitly requesting that nothing beyond that point be publicly shared. That includes this wiki.

Those who turn back will find themselves home with an unusual item and no further consequences. Returning automatically triggers Giving up the Search for the Name. Choosing Turn back will remove most, but not all, qualities associated with Seeking; choosing Not yet will not remove anything, but The Seeking Road and NORTH will remain inaccessible.

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