"Stealth, subtlety, cunning. This is your subtle and cunning skills, allowing you to exploit the dark and fascinating underground that is Fallen London." - This is one of the four main Attributes.

For items that boost this quality, see Shadowy Items.

Bonus Permanent Loss Failures 2nd chance
Items Actions Sidebarsuspicion Suspicion Blackglove Hastily Scrawled Warning Note,
Demeter Anticandle

Quality[1] Title
0 - 2(none)
3 - 9Shadowy
10 - 14Sly
15 - 19Stealthy
20 - 39Devious
40 - 59Wily
60 - 79Crafty
80 - 99Sinister
100 - 149Midnight
150 - 199Shrouded in Shadows
  1. Current limit: 200 - higher if you spend Notability

Related Locations
Quality[1] Location Also Needed
1 - 70
Spite Spite
60 - 100 Flit The Flit
100 - 120 Mahoganyhall Mahogany Hall Fox Persuasive
110 - 130 Wilmotsend Wilmot's End Fox Persuasive
Owl Watchful
120 - 130 Doubtstreet Doubt Street
  1. Note: These are the challenge levels for the location.
    In order to reach 90% you'll usually need around 50% more.

Highest ChallengesEdit

Actions with a Broad difficulty level of 135 or above.

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