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Economy: Cartography
Icon-echo 0.01 Shard Shard of Glim
▾▾▾ 100:10 or 1000:105
Icon-echo 0.30 | Rare: Icon-echo 2.50
Icon-echo 0.10 Map Map Scrap
▾▾▾ Ship 50:10 or 500:105
Icon-echo 0.40 | Rare: Icon-echo 12.50
Icon-echo 0.50 Waves3 Zee-Ztory
▾▾▾ Ship 50:10
Icon-echo 1.00≈≈ | Rare: Icon-echo 25.00
Icon-echo 2.50 Mapfragment Partial Map
▾▾▾ Ship 25:5
Icon-echo 2.00 | Rare: Icon-echo 62.50
Icon-echo 12.50 Map Puzzling Map
Icon-echo (65.00) Gift Collection of Curiosities
Icon-echo (15.00) Screamingmap Screaming Map:
Left-Hand Half
Icon-echo (25.00) Screamingmap Screaming Map:
Right-Hand Half
Icon-echo - Screamingmap Screaming Map
Icon-echo - Spacelamppost Sky-Story

For items with two conversion options, the
success given refers only to the first option.
Bulk options do not have additional benefits.

A tale of an infinite horizon, rich with eternal possibility.

See Sky-Story Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

This item has no recorded uses.