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From: Ambition: Light Fingers! 25

The carnival is a complex place and there are many places to hide for someone who does not wish to be found. The Star-gazing Roustabout is wary: stealth and subtlety are called for.

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Unlocked with Cat Shadowy 60

Challenge information

Cat Shadowy

  • 61 - modest


But there are no stars to gaze at

[…] the Star-gazing Roustabout […] starts as you approach[…]. He barely looks at you as you speak, straining his eyes upward. […] What has happened to this man? He can tell you about Poor Edward, he says. He'll meet you […] in Spite. Bring money.

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No roustabout. Well, plenty of roustabouts and other carnie folk but no sign of the right roustabout. The carnies start pointing you out to each other. They can see you're up to something.

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