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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: An Exceptional Story: The Century Exhibition!

You could profit from these prophecies of tomorrow.

[Find the rest of the story at]


Wherever there's a crowd...

A large, distracted crowd […]? Sounds like an opportunity […].

There was trouble during the exhibition's rushed construction. A murder or burglary […]. There was something left at the scene, […] check your notes in your lodgings to discover more.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: The Century Exhibition promises to dazzle visitors and illuminate the future of London. If you are an Exceptional Friend, you may return to your Lodgings to consider the case.

  • Lodgingssmall You have moved to a new area: Your Study
  • Sunsetsmall Visit your Study to unlock an exclusive story for Exceptional Friends: The Century Exhibit
  • Confidentsmilesmall You've gained 1 x Confident Smile
  • Lodgingssmall Something is niggling at you. Perhaps you can unearth it in the peace of your study (Sets Considering Criminal Conundrums to 3, if it was at 0)

If Considering Criminal Conundrums is less than 10:

Redirects to: The Season of Skies: a Niggling Suspicion


Redirects to: The Season of Skies: the Tip of the Iceberg

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